Spring clean your mind clutter first

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Spring clean your mind clutter first

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I recently worked with a client wanting to make a career change and relocate to a new town. She networked and found an opening matching her goals before it even posted. She had an inside contact at the target organization. She’d researched the employer and had living arrangements in the new location. Overall, she was well-positioned for a successful search — with one small exception. She still saw herself and spoke about her skill set in past career terms. When making a change, it’s important to change your mindset too. It’s up to you to convey how your current skills transition into a new position. The potential employer usually won’t take the time to do that extrapolation for you.

Dawn Bugni shares the full career transition story click here.

(Added bonus, this is a Career Collective post containing links to career professionals from around the world. They offer additional guidance about clearing clutter and focusing a job search.)

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