Traits of Best Executive Resume Writers

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Traits of Best Executive Resume Writers

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Executive Resume Writers

In the executive resume writing industry, there is an elite core of executive resume writers who are steadfast in their business ethics and prove a high-level of integrity and commitment to delivering truth. With all the talk of fake news these days, however, it got me to thinking about those in the industry who are less than ethical.

This fringe group of folks spread misinformation, untruths and fake claims in regard to executive resume writing.

Following are ways to identify an executive resume writer who speaks and writes truth.

A truth-telling resume writer …

1. Won’t leech onto phrases like, ‘create value’ and simply weave the keywords into your resume. They understand (through having written hundreds of other resumes) what ‘creating value’ intrinsically means and will come up with dozens of ways to illustrate how you (the candidate) create value for your target hiring manager, attaching measurable results.

2. Intuits the strategic questions to ask you (the executive candidate) to unearth the nuanced layers of ‘how’ and ‘why’ you have created value for a particular organization or series of organizations. It is through this context that executive resume writers differentiate your value from other candidates.

Hundreds of your peers tout being turnaround leaders or culture change experts, so the way you achieve results through these recognizable terms is crucial, because context matters, and the truth-telling exec resume strategist …

3. Never overlooks this valuable piece of the resume puzzle.

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