What can you do to be prepared for your next interview?

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What can you do to be prepared for your next interview?

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I recently coached an HR executive that has hired hundreds if not thousands of employees with many more interviews completed in the process. During one of our calls she shared her hiring and questioning methods. The top interest to her, which reaffirms much of what I tell my clients, is that educating yourself on the company you are interviewing with is key in making a hiring decision.

It isn’t enough to have the skills required and the experience sought and expected. It is also necessary to show interest in the company and the specific position for which you are interviewing. Show up to the interview prepared! Companies want someone who understands the job and the company.

The Coaching ProcessWhat can you do to be prepared for your next interview? Whether a phone or in person interview, read over the company website, Google the industry, company, and the position being applied for. Learn who is in the key management team and main players, their key clients, competitors, projects currently being worked on, products and services sold, main locations, and how you would fit into the company. Basically, find out as much as you can!

Consider what you will bring to the team, company, and industry. Understanding your value and sharing how you can specifically help with to meet their current needs, during the interview, makes you much more effective.

The more you know about the position and the company the better you will understand the company’s needs, culture and the opportunities it can offer. You may find in your research that it is not the right company for you. Better to find out before you accept an offer.

If the first interview leads to a second or third interview, don’t stop there. Continue your research in the areas you discussed at the first interview and have new and relative questions ready.

The better prepared you are the more you will impress and be remembered, and success in your interviews.

Shine On Job Seekers!

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