Why Is Your Personal Brand So Important?

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Why Is Your Personal Brand So Important?

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In today’s job market you have to do more than just upload your resume to a few job boards and hope someone will notice you. It is important to develop and market a strong personal brand that speaks of your key strengths and experiences, something that captures attention. This will help you establish yourself as a professional who is making his mark by delivering quality as an entrepreneur, employed professional, or busy C-level executive.

Why is your personal brand so important?
Your Brand sets you apart from the other potential candidates.

The best way to think about a personal brand is to consider your favorite actor or musician. They all have developed and marketed their unique personal brands. The music of Adele, for instance, is very different than that of Luke Bryan. Both are talented singers in their own right, but they have two very different personal / professional brands.

What do you want to say through your brand and how do you develop a personal brand?

To get a better understanding of what you want your brand to say about you, ask yourself what it is that you want others to know about you. What are you proud of? What are you good at? What do you want to be known for? Also ask friends, coworkers, and colleagues what comes to mind when they think of you? What you discover will be a good starting point. You can learn what about you stands out for you and others. Is it your integrity, your skills, your mode of delivery; those things that makes you unique is what makes up Your Personal Brand.

After you completed your self-evaluation, it is time to generate ideas that showcase and market those personality and character traits, skills, talents, and experiences that make you shine. Focus on those things that are unique to you, and find ways to infuse them into your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Things like integrity come from others in referrals and recommendations but it can also come through by highlighting your work ethic and ability to fight for and do what it right. Achievements and accomplishments can be used to highlight driven, follow-through, leadership, and other qualities you would like to exhibit. These examples are how you create your unique image, reputation, and brand.

The “gold” in your personal brand is that it’s personal.

Find out what makes you – You. That special something is what you want to market, because there is no other You! Hiring managers, Human Resource professionals and recruiters read many very similar resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Your brand and your uniqueness will help you stand out and make you, the one to beat!

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