Ready. Set. Launch!

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Ready. Set. Launch!

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I enjoy working with young professionals in my resume practice. As part of the information gathering process for creating their resumes, I ask them if they worked on any team projects or major research assignments. I also ask about campus affiliations, volunteer work, part-time jobs. A lot of them are surprised. They never thought any of those things mattered. They aren’t “real jobs.” Truth is; a skill’s a skill whether you were paid to learn it or not. If it pertains to what the employer needs, then demonstrate you have the skill. Don’t dwell on where/how you learned it. “Sell” the fact that you have it.

Dawn Bugni shares career information gathering suggestions for college juniors and seniors here and sophomores here. (Hint: A lot of the tips carry though your entire career.)

2 thoughts on "Ready. Set. Launch!"

  1. Great reminder about transferrable skills – doesn’t matter how you acquire them! Indentifying them is a life career skill and valuable if learned early on.

  2. Dorothy –

    Good point about being able to identify skills a life career skill in itself. Too many view what they do for a living as “just my job” and forget/overlook all the wonderfulness involved in doing that job.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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