Is Your Career Story Accessible?

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Is Your Career Story Accessible?

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Weaving a colorful, yet pragmatic and decipherable career story is a creative process at the center of most successful career transitions. However, the introspective, intellectually laborious course that guides your word-story knitting is one that requires deep thought and focus.

My recent post on this subject was inspired by a career colleague who shared her story about a geological expedition during which the guide left her feeling a bit frustrated. The scientist who guided the tour did not have the words to provide sufficient accessibility to the geology’s story. In other words, his scientific overview fell short of her needs. To read my spin-off post of Kathy’s post and how it relates to resume writing (i.e., telling YOUR career story in an accessible way), please visit: Is Your Career Story Accessible?

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter 


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