What are YOU saying about you?

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What are YOU saying about you?

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Too frequently negative internal sentences obstruct our long-term vision and the value we place on ourselves. If your perception of yourself is so negative; if you place such minimal worth on your life’s experiences to date, how will you ever convey your value to a potential employer? Whether you’re employed and looking for a new opportunity or unemployed and still reeling from it all, your internal sentences contribute to your overall attitude, your outlook and your success. Look in the mirror, start telling yourself YOU ROCK and believe it. It’ll make a world of difference in your approach to things.

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One thought on "What are YOU saying about you?"

  1. It’s the things that are not spoken that certainly tell so much about a person. It can be difficult to have as much self confidence as needed when you are unemployed. But it’s important to look with in and see the accomplishments- and put them on the resume. Great insight here.

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