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Our collaborative alliance is comprised of five highly experienced and multi-credentialed professional resume writers considered among the best in the industry and is founded on our unique strengths as independent resume writing strategists. Sharing a mutual passion for the career services industry, we are driven by enthusiasm to support the goals of job seekers during a job search. We also aspire to shape and extend relationships with recruiters, hiring managers, human resource professionals and others in the careers industry and/or those who are directly involved in the hiring decision-making process. We think you will find that we are deeply knowledgeable in the areas of writing branded, value-focused resumes, cover letters and executive biographies, and in using social media and social networking strategies to penetrate the hidden job market. Together, this assembly of certified resume writers is your #1 source for all best resume writing, career and job-search related solutions. If you would like to speak with any one of us regarding our individual resume writing services, please contact us through our personal email addresses, websites and phone numbers by clicking over to learn more about each writer and select the right-fit professional for you.

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Your writer must become a partner in a deep-dive, introspective and milestone-mining process that will help you communicate your value! We aim to add value to your career by helping you achieve next-level career success. We will help you shape your personal brand and equip you with job search tools to help you thrive in today's job search landscape.

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Your writer and coach is your partner, helping you CAPTURE attention over other highly qualified candidates; HOLD employers’ attention long enough to entice them through a unique career STORY; and CONVINCE your future employer to contact you through the PROMISE of unmatched ROI!


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Our expertise includes resume writing, LinkedIn development, biography writing, cover letter writing, career coaching and job search solutions

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