Spruce Up Your Resume in 30 Minutes or Less

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Spruce Up Your Resume in 30 Minutes or Less

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How would you feel if you possessed a nicely polished resume that projects and elevates your level of professionalism? More confident? More positive? I bet!

Crafting a dynamic resume that is also a great selling tool is more time-consuming than 30 minutes. Yet, with the following quick and easy visual and marketing ‘style over’ tips, you will begin to distinguish yourself from the job search mob in half an hour! That sounds good. Doesn’t it?

By Rosa Elizabeth Vargas – Certified Resume Writer

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4 thoughts on "Spruce Up Your Resume in 30 Minutes or Less"

  1. Most jobseekers depend upon expert resume writers which is a sensible thing to do. Such professionally prepared resumes stand a better chance of catching a recruiter’s attention.
    But it is no more enough to catch attention
    A resume must succeed in amazing any recruiter by being interactive .
    In a resume, a recruiter should be able to find additional information about a candidate by
    viewing analytical graphs rather than reading
    clicking on knowledge , skill related keywords
    clicking on Candidate Name, Birth date, City location
    You will find this at CustomizeResume
    I will appreciate suggestions for further improvements.
    hemen parekh

  2. Thank you for your comment. It is essential to have all the specifics in a resume (i.e., name, telephone, visual aids) in order to make a strong impression on both recruiters and other hiring authorities.

    Please sign up for our blog and follow our posts as I am sure one of will post information relevant to this very topic.

    Many thanks for interacting with us!


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