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All too often, job seekers get so caught up in the way things “should” be, they forget to embrace, tout, and flaunt the value being different brings. In Dawn Bugni’s most recent post, she explores how a little change in perspective about the “bumps” in a career road can uncover a brand new layer of skills, uniqueness, and differentiation to a job search. You can read more here …

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  • The Resume’s Evolution

    Nowadays you must craft the advertising of your qualifications as if you were your own company! Smart companies shift tactics based on market opportunity and needs! Are you adjusting your efforts to position yourself as the ideal careerist in today’s ever evolving job search market? Dare to re-shape and revolutionize your job search campaign, beginning with a daring new resume that will soar above the rest. A cutting-edge and interview-capturing resume… Breaks the Traditional Formatting Boundaries: It is ‘okay’ to use color, perhaps a testimonial, a quote or even a logo on your resume. In fact, I encourage it! See what a difference it makes. It will impress within seconds, enthralling your employer and guiding their eyes further down the dossier. Read more

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Frequently, the quality of assistance you get is directly proportional to the quality of the request. Here’s a new “don’t do this” in your job search post by Dawn Bugni.  Find out why a “blanket e-email” asking for help with little offer of value is not a good approach.

(And, to add another layer to the conversation, after posting the link to this blog post on my my Facebook page, several colleagues commented they’d received the same email. Career professionals know each other. And we talk to each other. Frequently. An approach like that is sure to hurt more than help a job seekers reputation.)

Click here for the full story.

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Weaving a colorful, yet pragmatic and decipherable career story is a creative process at the center of most successful career transitions. However, the introspective, intellectually laborious course that guides your word-story knitting is one that requires deep thought and focus.

My recent post on this subject was inspired by a career colleague who shared her story about a geological expedition during which the guide left her feeling a bit frustrated. The scientist who guided the tour did not have the words to provide sufficient accessibility to the geology’s story. In other words, his scientific overview fell short of her needs. To read my spin-off post of Kathy’s post and how it relates to resume writing (i.e., telling YOUR career story in an accessible way), please visit: Is Your Career Story Accessible?

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter 


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Recently,  the well-meaning friend of a client gave her some really bad resume advice. She relayed it to me. One of the two items shared was a hot-button issue for me and a lot of other career professionals too. This well- meaning friend told her to make sure her resume did not exceed one-page. I responded to her email with an explanation why such advice, no matter how well-intended was poppycock. That one statement led to an educational email exchange, that let to a tweet, that led to a Twitter and Facebook conversation, that led to a blog post, that led to more conversation in the comments. Want to know more? Read Dawn Bugni’s post here.

Bottom line: A resume should be as long as it needs to be to convey (relevant) candidate value to a potential employer … and not one word more.

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Executive resume To quote from a  LinkedIn message I received… “job searching is very much like marketing. You need to do a complete SWOT to know where you are.” Absolutely! You got it, partner!
What has cemented the doom of many job seekers, including executive-level leaders, is their inability (or self-destructive refusal) to wrap their minds around the idea of marketing themselves with a unique identity as if they were a product.

As a “product,” you must clearly articulate your executive brand, unique value proposition, and market an ROI.

Yet, instead, most executives mount a precarious job search campaign with the intention of simply providing their qualifications and hoping their corporate job titles plus Fortune 100 and 500 employers’ reputation would suffice to net that coveted job interview

Read More – Mining For Your Executive Brand

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This is the KISS snow globe.


Ever have one of those moments when everything falls into place, completely unexpected and with little effort? Aren’t they great? Dawn shares the story of how a chance encounter helped clear from clutter from her home while making a stranger very happy. Opportunity frequently presents itself in unusual circumstances and unique situations. And sometimes it takes no more than a casual conversation and shared interests to about bring exciting changes. To find out what role a KISS snow globe plays in the story, click here.

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Moore’s Creek, western Pender County, NC

Even the most carefully laid out job search plan can be derailed by a bad attitude or a dour disposition — unintentional or not. In this post, Dawn Bugni explores a few ways to identify potentially negatives habits and influences. She suggests finding a spot for some quite introspection as part of the plan for finding a positive professional voice.

Added bonus, this is a  Career Collective post. Once a month, a group of career professionals blog on a subject topical and timely for a job seeker. They post thoughts on their own blog and link to the post of colleagues on the same topic – a treasure trove of career information.

Start with Dawn’s post here and then explore the collective wisdom (linked on 7-19-11.)

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Frequently, job seekers lament the lack of one specific “thing” in their career history, rather than focus on the overall value they bring to an organization. Dawn Bugni shares a fun post with lots of lessons in handling those self-imposed career locks and roadblocks on her blog. You’ll find it here. Take a peek.

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Whether navigating the passageways of career change, life change … or both, you will need to map deliberate processes to effectively (and sanely) achieve your destination goal. My own (and my husband’s) recent adventure transforming our careers as well as physical location (we moved from Missouri to Texas) spurred ideas for this recent post on career and life change. For the whole story, please click here: The Rigors and Joy of Career and Life Change.

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, MRW

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